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Audi Land of Quattro

Throwback Thursday! In Fall 2013 I got the chance to attend the „Audi Land of Quattro“ Tour from Innsbruck to Klagenfurt. Starting in Munich we chose the definitely most stupid way to get to Innsbruck – by car it would be a 1.5h ride – but luckily we decided to take the plane to get there. Since there are not many with the same Idea we had to fly to Frankfurt first. Then our plane to Innsbruck was some super small propeller plane which definitely was something special to fly with! Our super dumb Idea was rewarded with the most amazing landing approach I have seen so far: Innsbruck is right in the middle of the alps, we had to fly through a tight valley to actually get there and got an amazing view!

The day after we started the trip with an old Audi Urquattro which was already close to be the highlight of the trip. Only racing up Großglocknerpass with DTM& LMP1 Driver Philippe Albuquerque in the same car followed by a RS6 could beat that!


Enough text for now, enjoy the photos! :-))))
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9. Juli 2015


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