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Lamborghini Huracan NLargo

Last year in December I was still working in the R&D Department of Lamborghini Automobili in italy. During that time, Novitec had finished the development of their Lamborghini Huracan N-Largo and it was ready for the photoproduction. We found a place at Lago die Garda, in the north of Italy, which turned out to be the perfect location to shoot this beast. We spent one day there and moved south on the second day, to shoot at a very famous spot close to the Lamborghini and Pagani Factory (we got a hint from the pagani guys to go there haha). After it was all over, something unbelievable happened. Some spectator of the shoot published photos of a half covered car and sent it to all major car magazines, facebook pages etc. Since the car was not fully visible, but everyone could see it looks a lot more aggressive than the standard Huracan, everyone thought this car is what should be named the „Huracan Superleggera“ later. Obviously it was not, which doesnt stop the car world from going crazy. After two days even the Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann was involved, saying the car is not one of their very own and it is no superleggera.

So, as a conclusion, Stephan Winkelmann knows about this shoot.

Below some behind the scenes photos; full set here:


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IMG_5204 IMG_5229 IMG_5230 IMG_5500 IMG_5790 IMG_5810 Photo 28.11.15, 16 15 10 (1) Photo 28.11.15, 16 52 53 (1) Photo 28.11.15, 16 53 10 (1) Foto 29.11.15, 09 56 28 Photo 28.11.15, 07 02 29

25. Dezember 2015


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