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Behind the Scenes

Mercedes AMG F1 shoot

In March I got the chance to shoot this super unique combination of cars in the german „Europa Park“. The images were photographed in little copies of european countries and were used as teaser images for its formula 1 races.

Full set here:




img_8808 img_8811 img_8825 _mg_1498 _mg_1514 _mg_1564 _mg_1568 _mg_1572 _mg_1574 _mg_1577 _mg_1589 _mg_1590 _mg_1602 _mg_5691 _mg_5743 _mg_5750 img_1483 img_1516 img_1520 img_1523 img_1526 img_1533 img_1543

26. September 2016


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