Hi there
I am Philipp, a car photographer from southern Germany. Shooting cars since the age of 16 I can now look back to 13 years of experience doing what I love most, creating drama with cars. It doesn’t really matter if luxurious hypercar or low budget shitbox, I’m on the hunt for that bit of character hidden in almost every car and do my best to make it visible.

It’s not pressing the shutter, it’s the 'working two days in one', the 'road trips over night to the most remote places imaginable to be ready to shoot just in time for sunset at 05:00 am in the next morning', the 'working with people you only knew from zoom-calls until a day before and now you’re on the complete same vibe pushing for what you think is the most beautiful way to present this certain car' what makes producing photography the very best thing in the world to me. Looking forward to do this together with you.


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